What do i do

Well to start with I design websites using Open source CMS in Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc etc. Depending up on the clients requirement. Other then that Network Consultancy, RDC ( Remote Desktop Thin Client Solution), Software and IT Consultancy, Interface designing are some of the things i do in IT.

I have also started a small venture in trading well only Innovate and utility products. Like Negative Ionisers, Cable management Utility products, Small IT utility products, IT and Electronics Cleaning products, Surveillance and Electronic Attendance Etc. Basically most of the requirements are derived from my personal needs and from the needs of my wife’s Travel office. all i try to do is MAKE LIFE EASY in a BUDGET.

Also working on some projects for education Sector using RFID.

Have any questions please feel free to drop a email from my contact form.